Tin Can Tavern & Grille
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Tin Can Tavern and Grille wants you to feel at home. To this end, we have tailored our Beer Menu around the old American favorite, the canned beer.
We offer 50 different cans of adult beverages with logoed Tin Can Tavern & Grille koozies (insulated can wraps at a nominal charge) to keep your drink cold. We bet you’ll say, “I haven’t had that since college”, by Number 7 on our list.

1. Miller Genuine Draft
2. Miller High Life
3. Icehouse
4. Red Dog 24 oz.
5. Milwaukee’s Best
6. Milwaukee’s Best Light
7. Mickey’s
8. Foster’s Oil Can
9. Coors Original
10. Coors Light
11. Keystone Light
12. Pabst Blue Ribbon
13. Stag
14. Old Milwaukee Light
15. Colt 45
16. Schlitz
17. Strohs
18. Old Style
19. Old Style Light
20. Olympia
21. Olympia Gold Light
22. Newcastle
23. Heineken 12 oz.
24. Modelo Especial
25. Guinness Stout
26. Corona
27. Boddington’s Ale
28. Amstel Light
29. Rolling Rock
30. Miller High Life Light
31. Budweiser
32. Bud Light
33. Busch
34. Busch Light
35. Natural Light
36. Michelob Ultra
37. Miller Lite
38. Warsteiner Pilsner
39. Tecate
40. Young’s Double Chocolate
41. Heineken 5 liter
42. Old Milwaukee
43. Zima XXX Cherry 24 oz.
44. Labat Blue
45. Pabst Blue Ribbon Light
46. Rhinelander Light
47. Sapporo
48. Grolsch Mini Keg 5 liter
49. Busch N/A
50. Camo High Gravity Malt Booze
We do understand that a few of you may be more comfortable with a bottle in your hand. With that in mind, we present the…
Bottle List
Not much to look at, but it covers the basics.

1. Budweiser
2. Bud Light
3. Miller Lite
4. Budweiser Select
5. New Belgium 1554 Black Ale
6. Lone Star
7. Old English 800 40 oz.
8. Miller High Life 40 oz.

That’s it. You’ll enjoy yourself more with a can anyway. Trust us.

You don’t like canned or bottled beer? Alright. We’ve got you covered. Try one of our…
Draft Beers

1. Boulevard Wheat
2. Fat Tire

Are You Happy Yet?
Only drink wine, huh? Well whether you like Red or White, we can accomodate.

The Wine List

Twin Fin Chardonnay (this is the white)
Twin Fin Cabernet (this is the red)

I said red and white, right? These beauties are screw top bottles since we lost our corkscrew in a card game (really because this is the way wine bottling is going).
Leave your cork-love at home. These wines are really good.

What’cha Havin’?