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How to Write an Amicable Report After an Accident

There are several procedures you should follow after a car accident in your quest to get compensation for damages. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is one of them. After a brutal car accident in Tampa Bay, I knew I would need a good lawyer. You should also write an amicable report.

An amicable report is a report to be completed at the very place where an accident took place. However, it is possible to complete it a few days after the accident when the circumstances prevented its immediate drafting when the victim was rushed to the hospital. It helps to clarify the situation.

Its purpose is to provide information to the insurance company to identify the responsibilities and faults of each of the concerned. Completed correctly, a good finding can lead to rapid compensation. Find out some tips on how to properly follow this procedure.

What Is an Amicable Report?

An amicable report specifiesaccident scene as clearly as possible the circumstances of the accident, any damage that appeared to the two vehicles, the respective insurance policies, and the drivers’ identity. It provides the insurance company with all the information on the events and must be completed beforehand by each driver concerned.

Even if this report is not obligatory, it will allow the insurer to identify the responsibilities and possibly intervene. The establishment of a declaration is preferable to initiate the insurance company’s compensation process and maintain its bonus coefficient if one is not responsible.

When to Make an Amicable Report?

In any road accident, it is advisable to make an amicable report. It is also advisable to take a traffic accident lawyer.

In the event of a bodily injury, this observation will be necessary for the Lawyer who may request an initial provision. Even when the damage discovered at first glance seems insignificant, it should be reported. For injuries that are not visible to the naked eye at the time, it will be possible to claim them subsequently on medical proof. In the absence of a finding, the insurer will not be able to advance any costs.

How to Correctly Draft the Amicable Report?

To prevent mistakes that can have serious consequences, such as the report’s invalidity, it is advisable to remain calm, polite and control your emotions and stress. Misinforming your report can cost you 50% liability in addition to an increase in the bonus-malus coefficient. It must therefore be completed in a rigorous and as detailed manner as possible. In case of incomplete or unclear documents, the risk is to see wrongs illegally assigned to the person not responsible.

Once both partiesamicable report have signed it, the document cannot be modified. It cannot be revoked either once it has been sent to the body concerned. For any need for any subsequent modification, this must be done with the consent of the other driver (s) involved in the accident.

If the accident concerns several vehicles, each driver must write two reports: one with the one who hit him and the other with the one he will have hit. The document will be written in two copies (original and duplicate) clearly and legibly and in a ballpoint pen to avoid any blurs.