Importance Of The Trucking Industry

With the requirement for mobility, transporting things from one place to another, it is not surprising to know that the trucking industry is gaining so much importance. In fact, it is impossible for ships, trains, or even airplanes to move as many goods as trucks can. Knowing this, it might be safe to say that the world economy will come to a grinding halt without the existence of trucking services including the services of brandon foster tulsa ok.


The Lack Of Recognition

Given that they are critical in literally driving the economy, it is surprising to know that the trucking industry does not receive as much importance as it should; especially in the United States where trucks are responsible for almost 68% of the freight tonnage. When the numbers add up, it will not be a shock to know that if the trucking service decides to call it quits, there will be a dearth of perishable goods within a week; packaged drinking water will disappear from the food shelves in supermarkets within a day. Not to mention, the employment rate would go down by almost 50 percent.

First Point Of Contact


The trucking industry actually works at the ground level in creating products that can be later on carried on to wholesalers. In addition, these trucks are responsible for transporting that goods to ports and airports. Moreover, trains cannot get a hold of the goods without the help of delivery trucks.  Therefore, if you come to think of it, every type of goods at some point in cycle spends an adequate amount of time getting shipped through trucks.

Quality Service

While the option to switch to rail transport might seem tempting, the quality of service that is provided by the trucking industry is unmatched. Aside from its flexibility, opting for trucking services is economical too. In fact, when you look into your accounts, you will realize that opting for a trucking service is far cheaper compared to rail options.


We might not realize it, but trucking businesses work on small-scale as well as large scale. When it then comes to the smaller firms, the model is mostly owner-operator; which means that the truck drivers themselves are self-employed. On the other hand, trucking businesses that are large employ a number of drivers that belong to the trucking union. In addition, there are trucking associations that work to protect the interest of these drivers.


To establish nation-wide standards, the trucking industry works at generating best practices, ensuring public safety, and establishing speed limits in certain areas. The importance of the trucking service comes to us as a hard-hitting realization that the whole economy is dependent on its dedication toward maintaining strict schedules to deliver the good in a timely manner.