Things to Consider When Choosing a Breastfeeding Chair

Deciding to breastfeed your soon-to-be-born baby must have not come as an easy one. This is especially true if you will be going back to work after your maternity leave. But if your final decision is to breastfeed, you made the right choice. We all know the importance of breastfeeding.

Another thing to decide on is whether you will be buying a breastfeeding chair. Will you be buying one? A breastfeeding chair will definitely help while nursing your little one. We know that breastfeeding is not an easy task so having one that will make things a little more convenient on you will be of great value. But when it comes to choosing the right nursing chair, it may take you again to another daunting task.

Breastfeeding chairs come in a wide variety of quality and prices. To have the best buy, the following list should be able to help you decide on the brand that you will be buying.


Breastfeeding means you will be sitting for long hours. You may not be able to do so if you are not comfortable with the nursing chair that you bought. Inspect the seat cushion and the back rest. Is the seat cushion soft? Does the back rest give a firm support? A breastfeeding chair should also have an armrest with a height that suits you.


Some nursing chairs may produce some noise. This can be very distracting especially if you are nursing at night. While one of the goals of a breastfeeding goals is to get a child into sleep, you may not be able to with a noisy rocking chair. Don’t let a noisy chair intervene with your sweet lullabies.

Ease of Cleaning

Spills can happen many times. This means that you have some cleaning chores thereafter. An easy-to-clean breastfeeding chair will be more convenient for a nursing mother like you.


A big breastfeeding chair can be more comfortable. This is because it can allow you some extra movements on it. But you should always consider the space in your nursing room. Can the nursing chair fit in? Does it have enough rocking space? You really need to measure the space for your nursing chair before buying.


Inspect the breastfeeding chair for safety before buying. Of course, safety is a top concern. A locking mechanism will ensure that the chair remains steady when you want it. Also check for protruding nails.

Another thing to consider is the durability of the nursing chair. Even if you have long stopped your breastfeeding, it may still serve as a comfortable place to sit around with your baby. And who know, you may have another little one coming soon.