Essential Care Guide for Your Pet Cat

Basically, house cats only do these chores: sleep, play, and eat. To give them the best care, you have to consider these three activities that your pet cat does.

Cats would love to sleep, and they can consume 2/3 of the day taking a nap. You can see them sleeping at any time of the day and night. When they are not sleeping, domesticated cats play, and they can play endlessly when they are in the mood. They will run around, climb, and scratch their paws on any surface their paws can get hold of. Generally, cats do not eat as much as other animals. They know when to stop eating when they are full.

According to the Feline Five, which is a personality index for cats, neuroticism is the strongest trait of cats. This means that cats are insecure, suspicious, and shy creatures. By giving them an environment that can nurture positive values such as trust to people and confidence, your pet cat can be as affectionate and friendly the way we all like our pets to be.

As much as we all want our pets to be healthy, active, and affectionate, we should know how to give them the proper care. The following are essential care tips for cat pet owners.

Understand Their Sleep Requirements

pet Cats are considered crepuscular creatures which mean that they are most active in between dusk and dawn. And during the rest of the time, they would sleep intermittently. Cat’s sleep can be compared to humans; they also experience REM and Non-REM cycles. With their natural instinct to protect themselves from harm, they can be awakened at the slightest commotion.

Cats usually can sleep anywhere where she thinks that she is safe. Providing a sleeping area that is clean, warm, dark, and away from stressful noise and clicking lights are well-suited for your pet cat. There are beds that are specifically designed for your cat to make sleeping more comfortable, and one of them is the marshmallow cat bed. You have many options when it comes to cat beds or sleeping surface for your cat. You can try on the cuddle cups, cave beds, or merely boxes made out of cardboard.

Consider Their Playful Attributes

Cats would love to play even in their lonesome. They would roll play with almost anything that is within their reach. They run after imaginary playmates and aimlessly scratch on any surface. By giving your cat toys, you are ensuring that your cat’s playful nature is enhanced. Toys will not only free your cat from boredom, but it can improve your cat’s overall well-being.

Be your cat’s playmate. By carrying and cuddling your cat, your favorite pet can become more secure and affectionate.

catGive Your Cat Healthy Food

Cats are obligate carnivores. They feed on protein to make them healthy and active. But being rationale pet owners, you should give your cats other food types for a balanced diet. Some cats may want to eat some vegetables, fruits, and carbs. Just make sure that your cat will eat the right amount to make sure that your pet will not experience digestive problems or obesity.